Delving into her latest adventure, Fayrouz Karawya curates her latest live sound project “Mazagang”. With music producer Loay Ismail, Karawya presents her repertoire with a new vision; a melange of electronic edition and live instruments.

A re-visiting Fayrouz’ track through “Mazagang” is an ambitious group project, open to multiple prospects and musical variations. With live Piano, oud, guitars and keyboards, the electronic edition is enriched; based on improvisation and contributions to the musical arrangement, the mix adds depth and imagery.

“Mazagang” is a team of young Egyptian artists; Fayrouz, Loay, Wagdy, Taher Saleh as sound engineer and Faten Elbendary as artistic director. The gang targets high quality live sound and picture, and they thrive to innovate the performance scenery with fresh perspectives, capitalizing on Karawya’s persistent discography and the creative input of the gang.