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“Kohl”- Latest digital album by Fayrouz Karawya

Vocals: Fayrouz Karawya
Melodies: Fayrouz Karawya- Kareem Hossam
Music producer: Loay Ismail
Sound Engineer: Taher Saleh
Artistic producer: Fayrouz Karawya

  1. 7asdo El 3'agar Master حسدوا الغجر ريمكس 0:36
  2. Bel Lazy AzKar Master بالذي أسكر 0:36
  3. Elet El Mazag Remix قلة المزاج ريمكس 0:36
  4. Ely Ramony Fik اللي رموني فيك 0:36
  5. Habibi Master حبيبي 0:36
  6. Shalak شالك 0:36
  7. Tarf 2asbe3o Remix طرف اصابيعه ريمكس 0:36
Mazagang - Fayrouz Karawya (treaser)0:38

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Fayrouz Karawya is an Egyptian singer-songwriter and record producer. She has been a prominent singer in the indie music scene in Egypt for almost 8 years.

Her popularity emanates from pushing the boundaries of lyrical content and musical composition, reaching out for a formula bursting with life, diversity and unconventional fusions of music worlds.


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